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We provide a comprehensive portfolio of technical services to the Energy Industry.

Our precise, innovative and creative solutions add significant value to our customers’ operations, assets and development projects.



Foraid is a company initially founded by SUEZ.


It was acquired by SPIE Batignole in 2002 then sold to a private Shareholders in January 2019.


Since its foundation, FORAID constantly strives to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions through evolving know-how, innovative approaches and proven practices tailored to the Clients’ needs. FORAID formed as a limited liability company, was initially created in order to provide a thorough support to drilling Companies in recurring maintenance and service activities , project design and engineering  within the Oil & Gas Sector.

FORAID organization has steadily expanded and today provides 6 main Services  –


Maintenance Services

● Asset Support Services 

● Technical Assistance

Industrial Assembly Services

Trainings & Competency Development 

Supply Chain Solutions


Each division is staffed by a team of highly competent and qualified multilingual experts under the leadership of managers with a solid track record in achieving optimal results meeting Client and company requirements


Foraid France: 00 33  1 73 28 55 74

Foraid Algérie: 00 213 29 78 00 90




Changing dynamics in energy markets are creating opportunities for Committed , Smart, & Innovative participants. We intend to take advantage of those opportunities and aim to become one of the regional leading international independent services companies within the next 10 years.


Excellence in Execution, Innovation and People Commitments will fuel our future


In order to achieve our targets , we will build long-term shareholder value through sustainable growth.


With humility , we will deliver growth in value by:

Empowering initiatives & value creation 

Running our resources in an efficient, sustainable and safe manner

Developing new services

Driving an entrepreneurial culture without compromising integrity or safety in anything we do.


Making the most of our unique assets, FORAID  is committed to provide services that enhance and optimize our customers' performances.


Our well-established company has values that focus on people, profit, humility and sustainable development .


Our people thrive on the challenge to excel in any environment and their dedication to safety and customer service is our greatest strength. 

Our determination to produce superior profits is the cornerstone for our future independence of action and growth.



We are committed to encourage and do a sustainable business development with Humility.

FORAID commitment to ensuring the highest Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) standards is extremely important due to the nature of the Energy industry and the challenges presented by many of the locations in which its employees work.


FORAID provides all its employees with a safe and healthy workplace, as well as high standards of occupational hygiene.


Key performance indicators and targets for QHSE issues are specified, in consultation with clients, and measured, benchmarked and reported against the best available standards stipulated by national and international legislation.


All employees receive the training needed to enable them to carry out their tasks in a safe manner and are encouraged to participate in the continuous improvement of FORAIDs’ HSE performance.

We believe in continuously supplying high quality services that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.


This is a key factor for our success . FORAID is committed to continually improve its services by implementing and maintaining the Quality Management Systems and Company standards applicable for all FORAID projects.


This commitment to quality is the foundation of FORAID.


Ancre 1

Of ethics

FORAID adopts a set of 9 principles. These principles are at the heart of FORAID’s culture.
The philosophy of doing business in FORAID Group led to adopt an anticorruption policy in each location it operates.

Here below are the main principles:


ETHICAL CONDUCT:  aim to be reliable, trustworthy and fair in all what is done.


ENVIRONMENT:  Everything is done taking into account energy-related and environmental considerations. Strive to protect and improve the environment wherever possible, minimizing harm, optimizing the use of resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


HEALTH AND SAFETY: Strive to protect and support the employees and anyone working with them or affected by their activities.


RESPECT FOR EMPLOYEES: Offer the employees equal opportunities. Respect each person’s individual rights and privacy. Condemnation of all forms of discrimination, whether during the recruitment process or throughout.


TRAINING AND INVESTMENT: Committed to train and develop employees, investing in the future of the company.


DIVERSITY: Make the most of the diverse backgrounds of the company’s employees throughout the world, consciously developing and using their skills and local cultural knowledge to do the best job possible in countries where we operate.


CUSTOMER SERVICE: The quality of the services we deliver to our customers requires presence, availability and an ability to listen. We do not just meet but exceed the expectations of our customers by developing a genuine sense of partnership.


ACCOUNTABILITY: Take full responsibility for the performances and decisions. Adopt a fully proactive approach to improving the quality of services, safety, environmental performance and company’s profitability.


RISK MANAGEMENT: Strive to identify and manage all risks that might threaten the future of the company, in order to ensure its sustainable growth.

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