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Valves repair

Industrial on Lone Leak Sealing


Mechanical Services

Electrical & Automation  Services


Production Facility

Drilling Services


Power Supply



Maintenance engineering

Operation & Maintenance

Operating manuals

Rotating equipment services

Surface Equipment maintenance

Electrical Industrial installation

Machinery & compressors Assembly and disassembly

Electrical assembly services

Mechanical Assembly Services

Oil & Gas technical trainings

Managerial trainings

Production Facility


Operating Manual


Freight  Forwarding


Strategic Sourcing

  • Category Profile/ Spend Analysis,

  • Demand Analysis/Forecasting -  Market Analysis

  • Sourcing Strategy ,

  • Supplier Selection ,

  • Optimization


  • Surface  & Facility Equipment

  • Chemicals

  • Drilling & Production

  • Valves & Rotating Equipment

  • Piping & MRO

  • General Services

  • Process equipment

  • Electrical equip

  • HSE Equipment  

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Routine maintenance, greasing and Inspection

Installation, refurbishment and repair of wellhead equipment and valves

Inventory stock management and reporting


Valves Repair

Process Manual Valves repair for Raffineries, Chemical Plant, Power Generation

Actuators Repairing, Troubleshooting and Testing for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Operators

Performing Emergency Valve Sealing

Flushing & Lubricating

Verify & Ensure Valve Integrity

Identifying and Analysing Causes of Failures

Hydrotesting :

Control of integrity of pressure vessels such as : natural gas pipelines, gas cylinders, boilers, storage tanks as well as fuel tanks

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Clogging  & Leaks Repair

The repair of Industrial LEAKS without Plant shutdown

Leak Sealing Services on Pipes

Leak Sealing Services on Valve Gland Packings

Leak Sealing Services on Other static Devices

Mechanical Services

Pumps revision

Partial or general padding change

Revision and assistance on centrifugal compressors

General overhaul of turbines and compressors

Start-up assistance for all types of equipment

General overhaul of the turbines

Assistance for all the work of the couplings

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Electrical & Automation Services

Engine maintenance

HVAC design , installation & maintenance

General intervention on the low and medium voltage transformers

Preventive maintenance in the defeat battery charger

Preventive maintenance of detection system

Installation of new measuring device

Overhaul and start-up assistance for strategic equipment


Asset support services


Process by which an equipment, facility, or plant (which is installed, or is complete or near completion) is tested to verify if it functions according to its design objectives or specifications

Maintenance engineering

Is the discipline and profession of applying engineering concepts for the optimization of equipment, procedures, and departmental budgets to achieve better maintainability, reliability, and availability of equipment

Rotating equipment services

Compressor services Electrical motors and drives Field services Gas turbine services General mechanical services Generator services Pump services Steam turbine services

Surface Equipment maintenance

Maintain and Check out the range of Surface & equipment maintenance Products the energy Industry


FORAID is in its region a major resource of technical assistance for oil, gas and power generation operators .

FORAID has nearly three decades of experience in providing technical support for oil, gas and power utilities.


FORAID employees are carefully selected, screened and trained to operate and maintain clients’ assets and to maximize safety, operational efficiency and plant productivity.

The professional and multi-disciplinary approach of FORAID specialists has earned the respect of renowned oil and gas production companies and other industrial corporations.

Technical Assistance


Industrial assembly

The company will put at your disposal highly qualified staff, equipped and specialized in the various interventions related to the industrial assembly and the maintenance of this equipment and their auxiliary parts such as:

Industrial installations of an electric nature (substation, transformers, circuit-breakers, etc.)

Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Works for Electrical

Instrumentation and Mechanical Equipment and Installation

Assembly and disassembly work during the repair and overhaul of machinery and compressors

Follow-up of industrial assembly work

PCB assembly, assembly line, electro-mechanical assembly


In order to meet its Customer’s operation and maintenance needs, FORAID provides Technical and Managerial Training at Foraid premises, at Customer’s Headquarter or at site .

Foraid Experienced Instructors are specialized and qualified to provide courses with the highest quality standard .

Here is a non-exhaustive list of FORAID on-site training :

Oil & Gas Products Familiarization

Upstream–Downstream Processes

Power Generation

Gas Turbines (Aeroderivative and Heavy Duty)

Steam Turbines

Centrifugal, Axial, Reciprocating Compressors

Electric Motors & Generators

Programmable Logic Controller

DCS & SCADA •    ESD & F&G

Machine Monitoring System


First aid course , Firefighting course , Fight against fire-explosion

Electrical authorizations

Risks related to work in confined spaces

Risks related to the handling of chemicals

Selection / Evaluation / Recruitment

Competencies assessment

Nationalization plans

Quality management system (ISO 9001-2015)

(H2S) Gas Safety Awareness Training

Company quality manuals preparation

Accounting, taxation and payroll

Supply Chain Management

● Defensive Driving , forklifts driving, Crane operators

Trainings & competency  development


Supply chain

FORAID provides its customers with  its expertise in the field of Supply Chain Services.
Here below are the main services provided:
1  I  Strategic Sourcing:

We help our customers to develop there sourcing strategies by completing the six critical steps of a strategic sourcing

Category Profile/Spend Analysis

Demand Analysis/Forecasting

Supplier Market Analysis

Sourcing Strategy

Supplier Selection

Optimization/Continuous Improvement

The above strategic sourcing steps help FORAID clients to :

Identify the "sourcing" most suited request (cost, location, deadlines, quality)

Develop and implement purchasing strategies that will improve the competitiveness of the client

Develop and manage long-term relationships with strategic suppliers

Promote "design-to-cost" solutions to improve the economic efficiency of engineering

2  I  Procurement:

FORAID helps its clients to keep the procurement management process fair, transparent, and efficient. Although the procurement process of organizations differs from each other, FORAID experts help organizations to map the important steps in their procurement process.

FORAID Procurement service is dedicated as well to procure and supply the bellow equipment to its clients:



Rotating Equipment

Process Equipment

Utilities Equipment

Drilling & Production Equipment

Instrumentation & Controls

Electrical Equipment & Components

General Services Equipment (Camp Requirements, Office Needs, Furniture ,Tools) 

HSE Equipment (Safety Equipment, Fire Fighting Equipment)

● Logistics Equipment (Cranes, Slings, Winches, Lifts).

Equipement Supply 
3  I  Logistics  


FORAID provides its customers with affordable logistic solutions for the transportation of materials and equipment from the manufacturing facilities to the project site, through its partnership with freight forwarding and local logistics specialists.


Freight Forwarding


Custom Clearance

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