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Gassi Touil Commissioning

Direct Client: JGC Corporation

Final Client: Sonatrach 

Country: Algeria

Time Schedule: 2013


Commissioning preparation, supervision and execution of Gassi Touil natural gas gathering and separation plant (Capacity: 12 MMSCMD)


FORAID / SPIE Commissioning team of 35 Engineers and Technicians + Back Office support from Hassi Messaoud (Logistic) and Paris (Management and Technical Division).


SPIE team fully integrated to EPC Contractor global organization.

Hassi Berkine Competency Development and Asset

Client: Sonatrach-Anadarko

Country: Algeria

Time Schedule: 2010 - 2011



Hassi Berkine CPF produces 120 kB/d of Crude Oil


 Assessment of 62 Maintenance Engineers and Technicians in Electricity, Instrumentation and Mechanical disciplines.


 Preparation of the Training Program and Training Manuals.


 Implementation of the Training Courses (Class rooms and On the Job training).

Country: Algeria

Time Schedule: 2011 – 2014/15


El Merk Project

On the Job Training Training and ICSS Operators Training 

Preparation of the Training Program and Training Manuals.

Implementation of the Training Courses (Class rooms and On The Job training)


HBNS Field

Training for Maintenance Personnel

Assessment of Maintenance Engineers and Technicians in Electricity, Instrumentation and Mechanical disciplines.

Training program, modules and manuals establishment and Implementation of training courses

Country: Algeria

Time Schedule: 2013 – 2016


Description: (Block 208 & 204)


The contract is for the provision of offsite valves maintenance services. With dedicated crew, SPIE OGS carries out planned mechanical preventive maintenance & minor repair to all offsite facilities in Blocks 208 & 404.


 The offsite infrastructure includes over 5000 valves of various sizes and manufacture.


 On-site inspection and survey


 Workshop and on-site overhaul and repair


 Supply of replacement spare parts

In Amenas


Client: Sonatrach-BP-Statoil

Country: Algeria

Time Schedule: 2005 - 2009


3 processing modules and the Living Camp facilities are in the scope of services.


Maintenance of the field equipments in Electricity, Instrumentation and mechanical disciplines. Additional services supplied: maintenance of lights, heavy vehicles and camp facilities.


Personnel supplied: Supervisors, Technicians and Labor men. 180 people at maximum (2 expatriates).

Groupement Sonatrach-AGIP (GSA)

Client: GSA Groupment

Country: Algeria

Time Schedule: 2009 - 2011


The SONATRACH / AGIP Groupement (GSA) took the decision to start an extension project for the BRN Oil Production Center within the Bir Rebaa (BRN) field development.


Contract scope: Engineering Services and Specialized Supervision for the Project Department (Hassi Messaoud and BRN). Engineering activities performed in HMD (Technical Assistance). Field activities (construction, Mechanical test, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up) performed by External Sub Contractor, and Supervised by GSA via SPIE specialized SV.


Disciplines involved: Process, E/I, Mechanical, Rotating, QA/QC, Civil, Piping.

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